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  Nature has made up her mind that what cannot defend itself shall not be defended  - Ralph Waldo Emerson (Society and Solitude} 

In this vein we offer:

Tornado/Hurricane/Flood/Fire/ Storm Surge resistant Home Design

 Organic Home Design 

Sinkhole proof Home Design

Modernized Replicas of Classic Edifices Design

     Post Disaster Urban Renewal 

  House  Restoration/Remodeling 

  Medical Offices

  Ski Chalets

  BPP - Driveway/Sidewalk/Curb/Porches  

          Interior Shoring

        Pre-Demolition Surveys




When we build your  Archiveri House you will not have to evacuate, wait on the rooftop to be rescued, your car will not be immersed in flood waters - you'll be watching Mother Nature's fury by the fireplace with  glass in hand..


In closing,

 this is life and property safety proposition

Moreover, your Home will be designed free of SBS-Sick Building

Syndrome by use of proper materials

       Jerzy Maksymowicz, R.A.

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